In September 2005, Apostle Nebby Gomez and Prophet Dee Gomez, being led by the Holy Spirit, started having church services in different homes around Kissimmee, Florida.


From that moment on multicultural churches were born in the Greater Orlando and Central Florida Area, in which Jesus began to transform lives, saving them, delivering them, and healing them from the oppression of the devil. Each week the home churches come together for the corporate meeting in the network temple building.


The foundational group, composed of spiritual sons and daughters in the Lord, receive training in spiritual warfare, all under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Today Abba Ministries is made up of a responsible ministerial team whose spiritual burden is the see real transformation in every soul that is seeking the Lord Jesus/Yeshua within the family of faith.


Abba Ministries has an apostolic and prophetic foundation established on the Word of God, and whose cornerstone is Jesus/Yeshua. Through faith in Jesus Christ a mobilization of prayer and fasting was initiated throughout Ibero-America named Esther Revolution with the hopes that that seed that was sown in the nations will give a harvest of Continental Revival.


The Spirit of the Lord has blessed Abba Ministries with revelations regarding the Hebrew Roots of our faith and a love toward the people of Israel who play a vital role in the second coming of Jesus Christ.


The Gomez family would like to thank all the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers who have work with them and enriched their lives as they have traveled through the prophetic destiny the Lord has given them.


The Gomez marriage was recycled by the Lord in 1988 and they have been serving the Lord ever since. They have three sons; Paul, Joshua, and Daniel. They currently reside in Kissimmee, Florida – USA.



Apostle Nebby Gómez


Prophet Dee Gómez


Prophet Scott Wood


Prophet Pam Wood


Denise Koger


Javier y Denisse Mojica


Blanca Oliveras